June 19, 2014

Post Vacation Chaos.

Going on and coming home from vacation with a 3 year old can only mean one thing.


Seriously.  I don't think I have ever been as disorganized or stressed out by a vacation before.  We got picked up from the airport and didn't have a car to drive to Disneyland, THATS how disorganized we were!

BUT, that being said, our little 4 days away were lovely.  We got to meet Minnie Mouse, ride a train, go on plenty of rides...I even met Toby Bailey, who I used to watch play basketball for years!  It was SUCH a blast!

Saturday we went to the sunny California beach and rolled in the sand and waves.  There was some sunburning - thankfully not the child, just the adults!  Then on Sunday we got to see a beautiful couple get married on a HUGE yacht!  Just before dinner was served, Mark and I got to sneak up to the observation deck (4 stories up!) and watch the sunset.  It was beautiful!

That being said, vacation with a small one is hard, today has been our first normal day after getting back (not enough sleep for any of us I think!).  Also, I love the California sun, but I really like my Pacific Northwest breeze.

Here are just a few photos, I will most likely dump more on you in the next few days!


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