October 17, 2010


Happy Sunday!
Today has been great so far, coffee and breakfast out with my love at Barista and then on to Lovejoy Bakers for a delicious breakfast sandwich!  I even tried out my new tall boots with a cute little blue sweater dress (Mark even liked the outfit!)
After breakfast we headed back to my place to work on some homework.  I haven't blogged about school yet at all so I thought before starting on my homework I would tell you a bit about it!  :)
        I've been going to Eternity Bible College up here in Portland since the last weekend in August.  Oh my gosh, I've already learned so much, its hard to believe I didn't know any of this stuff before!  I'm taking only one class, Bible Study Methods with Chuck Bomar and Justin Pederson, but it has proved to be just about as much work as I could handle this term anyway.  We are reading a book called Grasping God's Word, and I love it.  Justin and Chuck decided that we would do all the work from this term on the book of Colossians, and I think so far over the last month and a half I have read Colossians at least 40 times :).   The specific passage I've been working in is 1:24-29, asking questions, observing, reading, observing, reading some more, and some more observing. Ha.
        I always feel silly writing my actual thoughts about things on here, but I think I need to work thru it, so here ya go.  I know that I've read Colossians before, but I don't think I ever read it with the intention to actually understand what Paul was writing to them about, or the reason he was writing.  When you read the Bible for knowledge instead of just thinking thats what Christians are supposed to do, it gets kind of intense.  Apparently Epaphras came to Paul where he was imprisoned and told him of some false doctrines being taught in Colossae!  Paul wrote the letters to the Colossians to make sure they knew that Christ's death was enough, that He was head over all other 'authorities'.  Paul then went on to encourage them in their 'new selves' and give new instructions on their lives and households.
        A few weeks ago we did an historical background study and this week a cultural background study on it....I wish we could walk through studies of each other book of the Bible, I guess eventually I'll get there :)
Thanks for reading!  Oh, Theophilus Church tonight, dinner at 5, service at 6!  Come join us!

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