October 22, 2010

fill in the blank friday.

Its already here again, wow, this week went by super fast!  I can't wait for my fantastic weekend to start!  Class tomorrow morning, followed by pumpkin patch with Sarah and Andrew Fox and the boyfriend, Josh's birthday, twin's birthday and church!  
This week's questions are 'short and sweet'!  You should do one on your blog and link the post in my comment section ;)

I found this gorgeous Raggedy Ann at an antique shop in Sellwood,  Stars,
it reminded me of my awesome childhood!

1.   I am        a lover of Jesus, a loving girlfriend, a nanny to three adorable children and someone you can count on .

2.  I wish   everyone could experience the grace of God,  his awesomeness, and his undying love for us  .

3.  I like       spending time with Mark, the three wonderful people in my class and our discussions, traveling to Coos Bay for a few days, any sort of yummy treat and when Mark tells me I'm beautiful :)     .

4.  I can    knit one mean  blanket.  Or scarf.   .

5.  I hope      that Mark and I will be able to travel after we get married...He has some amazing dreams I would love to be a part of .

6.  I think      that my sisters are the most wonderful girls I know, I wish we all lived closer so that we could spend every morning drinking coffee and lovin on each other.   .

7.  I was      working out with Jillian with the 30 day shred up until two weeks ago, I can't get myself motivated anymore, but I did go on a short run this morning, its the little victories I guess!      .

Thanks for reading!  I hope your weekend is shaping up to be just as killer as mine :)  

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