November 17, 2010

this week has been...

extremely lonely.

Okay, so maybe I'm being a bit dramatic, but a whole week without the guy I love has me down in the dumps.  You would be too!  But at least I'm doing more of a few good things!  Like knitting!  Today I sat on the couch for at least 3 hours (after 7 hours of work, don't worry!) and knitted away.  I'm working on a baby blanket for Mark's step sister - Taryn - who is due in just a few months!  She is having a girl, so the blanket is mostly purple and pink with small amounts of brown and green.  I also have been listening to podcasts' more and doing a lot of cleaning around the house.  I guess Mark being gone isn't all bad, at least I'm somewhat more productive than usual.  

On a brighter note, I applied for a new job on Monday.  My friend Demi suggested it to me, and truthfully I'm REALLY excited, I hope I get an interview!  Leaving the kids I work for right now might be hard, and pretty sad, but this job is better paid, with benefits, and honestly, work has been driving me crazy lately, and Mark might appreciate having a sane girlfriend again ;)  Keep that situation in your prayers, I definitely feel God pushing me into something different, and this would be a great opportunity!

One last thing to talk about...that no sugar thing hasn't been working out very well.  :(  We both did well for about a week, and then Mark felt guilty about eating a blueberry scone and made me a peppermint mocha at work :)  So, although I haven't been 100% sugar free, I'm still working on better eating habits and less sugar in general.  

OH YEAH!  Shout out to SARAH, SHAKES, ART AND NAOMI!!  They kept me occupied over the weekend and made sure we had a great time, looking forward to my next power half hour! ;)
have I mentioned how much I miss my man?  

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  1. Boat I love you.. I'm sorry Mark has been gone.. Wish I could come see you..