November 30, 2010

the proposal..

So everyone wants to know what the proposal was like, and I can't blame you.  It was truly the best moment of my life.  Luckily, I'm marrying a stud, and he was smart enough to set up his phone to videotape the whole thing.  I've shortened it for your benefit (too much mushy gushy stuff to show the whole thing, wink wink). 

I guess I'll give you my story and then let you watch the video yourself :)

Mark had asked me on Friday if I wanted to go with him and one of his co-workers to get tacos the next day at a few taco stands downtown, of course I said yes (who doesn't like a good taco!!).  So the next day (Saturday) Mark supposedly got off work at 1, and texted me saying, to conserve trip time I should meet him at his place at 1:34.  Around 1:36 I pulled up and walked up the stairs to his house, opened the front door and saw him standing there.   Surrounded by tons of rose petals all over the floor and on all the tables, and candles everywhere.  I knew immediately what was happening (you can see in the video my face turns bright red!!).  He said a few things, and the entire time I was just standing there, staring at him, and no words came out.  I think he had to ask several times to make sure that I was saying yes :) It was probably the first time I was every actually speechless!!  It was so sweet, he had his housemates help him set everything up, and even make a meal for us to sit down and eat after I said yes :)  He put on our very first song (from the first week we were dating), and we sat down to eat.  


Unfortunately the ring didn't fit, but I was too shaken up to eat anyway, so we headed out to Maloy's to get it sized.  They finished within 20 minutes, and off we went to tell everyone we know.  Best day ever.  :)



  2. OMG so EXCITING!!!!!!!!!

    I am SO Happy for you and Mark!!!! You two deserve all the happiness in the world :) YAY!!!