November 09, 2010

the 6th of November...

Was Mark and my 7 month anniversary :) 
It was a lovely day, I had school in the morning (in which Carly and I were in RARE form for our special guest professor, ha) and Mark worked in the morning.  We finally got to see each other around 2 pm, and exchanged presents!  I received these wonderful flowers..
And of course I purchased Mark an apple product :)  We then went and purchased green coffee beans for our roasting adventure and went to eat at Montage!  I didn't bring my phone in to Montage or into the bowling alley, so no fun pictures, sorry!  Bowling was awesome tho, I won the first game, Mark won the second....but MY total score was higher :)  (sorry babe, the people HAD to know!).  

Mark posted a photo of our roasted beans on his facebook, so you can check it out there!  So far this week has been good...looking forward to seeing my big sister tomorrow!  

Have a great Tuesday!

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