January 21, 2011

the hard thing...

The hard thing about blogging is that there are tons of things I could blog about, but I might hurt somebody's feelings, so I refrain.  Sheesh. 

This first month of 2011 has gone by faster than I could have imagined.  Its already the 21st, and now less than 50 days until I get married.  This month I have :

  • Found dates for both bridal showers, and the bachelorette party.
  • Purchased my wedding dress.
  • Picked up bridesmaids dresses and shoes.
  • Read one book.
  • Knitted a scarf and finished a baby blanket.
  • Found a new job.
  • Quit two jobs.
  • Only purchased two articles of clothing.
  • Loved my fiance with all my heart.
So I'd say its been productive.  

BTW, I feel badly about not inviting a  lot of childhood friends to the wedding, but our venue holds only about 120 people.  We have already invited over than many with family, family requests and our close friends here in Portland, so please don't hold it against us!  However, if you wold like to be a part of something, I am more than happy to invite you to one of the bridal showers, or even just to hang out and catch up.  and for those of you who got an invitation and haven't RSVP'd yet, its only 49 days away, so RSVP  :).

I hope everyone else has had a productive first month of January!  Have a great weekend!


  1. You don't have to worry about my feelings :) I couldn't have come anyway, Pooh Bear.

    Sounds like you've gotten a ton done! Congrats!

    Hey, stop by my blog and enter the contest to win a copy of my novel - maybe in february that can be the one book you read ;)

  2. You've been busy!

    We hardly invited anyone to our wedding. And it's hard because everyone expects the bride and groom to think about everyone else's feelings, when, hello, they're a little preoccupied. I couldn't get over the little things that people got mad at me over when I'm like, trying to organize 100+ people. Give me a break.

    Glad you got a new job!

  3. Thanks guys! I always love reading your comments, they are sure to 1. remind me of the past and 2. make me feel better :) I hope you two have had a wonderful January!