January 22, 2011

high / low

People always talk about this fun game called high / low, where they talk about the highs and lows of their days.  So today, I guess I just wanted to write a quick one. 

My high was spending tons of quality time with my soon to be husband, working on wedding planning and daydreaming about our soon to be married lifestyle. 

My low was waking up with super puffy eyes from all that crying last night.  I had a great last night with my twiblings, which also meant a horrible night, because they just wanted to sit on my lap and hug me and kiss me over and over, like they knew that I wouldn't regularly be spending time with them anymore.  It was so amazing, but I cried the last 30 minutes of being there.  I love those babies, they were the last 13 months of my life.  I taught them where their noses are, how to shake things, where a hat goes, how to say hi...I sang to them and prayed over them.  I spent countless hours rocking them to sleep and changed hundreds of diapers.  I've had an amazing year with them.  I sent Mark a text a few minutes before I left saying 'Sad, I won't know these little babes anymore.'  and he wrote back 

'Its okay.  In a few years you'll know OUR little babies:)'

I can't explain how much I love that man.  Anyway, here's a photo from my last night with my babies. 

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  1. I had a rough time leaving my family after nannying for 4 years! Those kiddos were such a huge part of my life. I don't have any sage advice, but it will get easier - and like Mark said, you'll have babies of your own someday!