January 01, 2011

the year i get married.

Happy 2011!  
This should be an exciting year, after all, we are finally in the year that I'm getting married to the most amazing man on the planet :)

BTW, Christmas was good, having Naomi in town was great, I got to go hold two cute little babies in Olympia and spend some quality time with friends, then spent the last day of 2010 with the twins, and the evening with my wonderful fiance.

Some great things about 2010:
  • Met Mark.
  • Got engaged to Mark.
  • Saw more of Portland.
  • Met awesome people at Theophilous.
  • Took my first term at Bible College.
  • Watched two little babies grow.
  • Trusted God, saw results :).


  1. Sounds like you've had a wonderful year!

    Any resolutions you'd like to tell us about???

    - Amy