December 08, 2011

fill in the blank friday!

happy friday!!!  the day leading up to two great days :)  husband and I have quite a few things planned for the weekend and I am so ready for it!  this weeks blanks are about love, its Lauren & Craig's 4 year anniversary and she was feeling sappy.  fill out your own blank, visit her blog and link up!

1.   Love is    exhilarating.  and worth all the hard work .

2.   Being in love feels like  your body is going to explode from happiness.  husband laughs at me when i say i love you 5 times in a two minute time period without realizing it, but thats what it does to you ;)   .

3.  My favorite quote about love is    'all you need is love'.  {cheesy, i know}   .

4. The most important thing in a relationship is    trust and communication.  you cannot communicate with your spouse/loved one if you can't trust them to respect what you are telling them and making an effort to do the same.  Its also my least favorite thing about being married, it is incredibly hard to communicate some things out loud!  .

5.  A "deal breaker" for me in a relationship is    being mistreated  .

6.  The way I show love in my relationships is    doing what husband likes to do as well as what i like to do.  keeping the house tidy and food prepared after he has worked a 60+ hour week.  telling him i love him and lots of hugs and kisses  .

7.  I love    my husband more than i ever thought possible  .

if you filled out your own blanks leave me a comment so i can make sure to check them out!!

i hope you all have a fab weekend!

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  1. Aw, fill in the blank Friday is adorable! Your answers are so sweet. You definitely sound madly in love :)

    Hop you're having a nice weekend