December 06, 2011

weekend love.

this weekend husband and i -

went to la bistro montage with our friend Sara {hello mussel shooters and spicy mac!}
did grocery and {crazy target} christmas shopping.
found a perfect tree for our living room!

decorated our first tree together :)

hung up our matching stockings.
went to the When Love was Born celebration at Mt. Olivet.

cleaned cleaned cleaned house.
made our first homemade potato/bacon soup.
had the wonderful Goodwins over for dinner, dominoes and joe-joes ice cream {um, yessirree}

how was your weekend?


  1. 1) Your coat is rediculously adorable. I can't even begin to tell you.
    2)Living in Arizona has made me think of christmas trees entirely differently. Mostly for their firestarting potential...

  2. On Saturday I had a card making class (I love making Christmas cards! Oh, I could do it for hours and hours) and on Sunday Jesse and I had our Christmas picture taken. The big reveal of the final product will happen soon!

  3. It really is a perfect christmas tree!