April 28, 2012

Bye Bye Portland!

Yup!  It's official and true and really exciting!

Husband got a new job in Olympia Washington, about 2 hours away.  Its a great new job, enough that maybe when I get pregnant I won't have to work :)  We already have friends there, because that's where Mark lived right after high school and we already have a church, because Mark used to work there.  

But its also really scary, sad and weird.
Scary to live in a place I don't really know, with only a few friends.
Sad that yesterday I had to tell my boss that I'm leaving and we cried a little together.
Weird that I'm leaving the only place I've ever lived besides my home town.  

Leaving Portland, having an adventure with my husband, being together and starting a new season in our life is what we have wanted since we got engaged, but I will miss it and all the people in it.  I guess over the new few weeks that's what I'll be sharing.  Our goodbyes to our favorite places, and what I'll miss most about Portland.  

I cannot wait to get there and start our new life!!
{in a condo that has a kitchen with brand new appliances and marble tile countertop, with closets that have lights built in them so that I can see everything in there and with two bathtubs that are much more likely to hold two people than the one we have now}.
Goodbye Portland, Hello Olympia!!!

ps. move date is May 19th.


  1. Wow! That's so crazy and so exciting! I'm really happy for you two!!

  2. Congrats! Sounds like a great adventure, and you already have a few built-in friends!

  3. This is super exciting Tra!! So happy for you guys and the new chapter of your life.. Cant wait till you can make some babies :)