April 20, 2012

Reason # 174

Reason # 174 why I über love my husband : When in a car accident, he lets me freak out while he stays calm and collected enough for the both of us and gets things taken care of. Thank God too, because boy do I freak out {yelling, big hand motions..you know all that girlie freak out stuff}. If you were wondering, we are both fine. Some girl tried to pull a u-turn in the middle of the road without checking her side view mirrors. Luckily my husband is a ninja, and was able to evade her car for the most part, but she nailed our rear right tire. {by the way, someone else ran into our car just TWO months ago, ridiculous!}. Our insurance, Geico, did a great job in the last accident so we are at least grateful for that and for our safety. Oh, and thank you husband for your ninja skills and your complete amazingness.

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  1. oh no! But I am glad to hear you are okay!! thank goodness for insurance right? xo