April 12, 2012

favorite things

a few of my favorite things inspired by Jenny's post..

favorite letter is m.
favorite number is two.
favorite color {today} is pale pink..or dark purple.
favorite flowers are gardenias.
favorite place is my bed.
favorite animals are sea turtles.
favorite smell is my husband fresh out of the shower.
favorite season is summer.
favorite food is asparagus.
favorite show {right now} is felicity.
favorite candy is sour patch kids.
favorite movie is moulin rouge.
favorite time is 7 pm.
favorite band is backstreet boys {I know I know, I just can't turn them away!!}.
favorite drink is a raspberry lemon drop.
favorite book is the the kite runner.
favorite word is love.
favorite thing is snuggling.


  1. Love that shower smell too! It's my favorite :)

    I miss you! I want to go out for lemon drops with you.

    1. Let's make it happen, we can meet halfway, an 8 hour drive isn't too bad ;)

  2. I loved Felicity when that show was on TV...so much so that I hurried to see "August Rush" when it came out mostly based on the fact that Keri Russell stars in it, lol. I would probably get it on DVD if only the producers kept the original music. After reading some reviews from Felicity fans who already bought the DVD sets only to be surprised that it contains a new and unfamiliar soundtrack, I decided to just appreciate the few episodes that I have sitting around on VHS tapes.

    Your friend A. B. Keuser's blog feature today peaked my interest of this newlywed blog and I'm glad I came on over here to find out what it's all about.


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    1. Why on earth would they use a different soundtrack?? So strange! Thanks for visiting and commenting, hope to see you around again!