February 27, 2017


After ordering my Starter Kit and diffusing the heck out of all my oils, I KNEW I needed more!


I've made a list of my favorite 5 items to ALWAYS have in stock (outside of the kit oils, because really, I am ALWAYS going to need ALL the oils in the kit).

Have I mentioned this lovely oil before? DEFINITELY. Because it's magical. There are a bunch of verses in the Bible that even mention how wonderful cedar wood is! Apparently everyone who was anyone used cedar to build with ;)  This magnificent oil and whisked me off to amazing slumber more times than I can count due to its support of the pineal gland, which releases melatonin! I recently have been using it to grow mermaid hair (more on that in another post sometime I think!).

The smell of this sweet citrus oil is heaven in a bottle. When I inhale this I immediately relax and know everything will be ok! It is rich in limonene (google it) and is studied on its abilities to combat tumor growth. It REALLY supports relaxation and can also support your immune system. I enjoy it in my water, and they say you can add it to capsules and take daily as well!

This blend can have an off-putting smell at first, but it's effects are amazing and the smell will soon grow on you - I promise! It contains Tangerine, Orange, Ylang Ylang, Patchouli and Blut Tansy. This oil can help calm and uplift spirits! People often rub this on their feet at night to promote easy peaceful sleep. We have been using it at night to combat coughing spells and keep a certain child in bed longer (EYE ROLL).

Dear sweet Endoflex. I have never held anything more fantastic in my hot little hands EVER. I JUST HAVEN'T. It is a blend of Spearmint, Sesame Seed Oil, Sage, Geranium, Myrtle, Matricaria (German Chamomile) and Nutmeg. It supports HORMONAL BALANCE. I try to use it during that special week but I honestly can't help myself and wear it on my diffuser bracelets or necklaces most days :) Bonus - it also supports a healthy metabolism!

And all the people who workout and get sore muscles rejoiced! This little roller bottle is SO GREAT for sore muscles and neck tension. Just roll it on and breath deeply! We also put it on our temples at the end of a long day ;)  It is a blend of 9 oils that are known for inflammation and pain relief.

There you have it friends. My favorite / will never run out of / can't believe I haven't been using my entire life oils.


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  1. Love this post! I've been using Endoflex over my Thyroid and my Adrenals almost every day - seriously helping my afternoon slump! Even with moving, 3 kids, homeschooling & more, I've been trucking along most of the day without a problem.