February 16, 2017

What I'm Reading!

My reading has been amping up lately as I have discovered AUDIOBOOKS!!!! They are the best. I drive 30-60 minutes a day, so I love that this time for me has become useful! Anyway - Here are a few books I've finished up this month so far!


                                                         GRIT - Angela Duckworth

There was way more information in this book than I needed. I got the drift after a few chapters - but I rarely DON'T finish a book so I fought through (it took me like 4 months, oops).  I liked the tips she gave on parenting for Grit, and for enhancing your own personal Grit. BUT, it also made me feel a little guilty, like I quit too much and I'm not as gritty as I should be. It made me want to try harder and NOT give-up. Ever again.

15 Invaluable Laws of Growth - John Maxwell

John Maxwell is SO encouraging. I listened to this book via Overdrive from my library (seriously, best idea ever having audiobooks available on my iPhone) and loved it. He makes you feel like you can do IT - whatever IT is - no matter where you are in life. He encourages you to READ and absorb everything! Take notes, be organized! Most of all, to get out of your comfort zone and learn something new. Learn ANYTHING. Keep learning for your whole life! It really motivated me to keep trucking instead of giving up after a few weeks and starting another round of Netflix binging. I'm slowly kicking my Netflix habit - thanks John! If you need me, I'll be somewhere with my nose stuck in a book (or with headphones while washing dishes!).

#GIRLBOSS - Sophia Amoruso

This book was good! I listened to it on audiobook right after listening to John Maxwell's book above, and I think I was in the mood for someone to tell me a bunch of things so that I could become a "#girlboss". Instead, Sophia talks about how she became her own boss and her tips and tricks to get there. It was really great, she obviously is really smart and original! Basically, work your booty off, don't make excuses, save your money and don't spend it on crap.


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